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VCE Dance: Overview

It is recommended that students have three to four years dance and/or movement experience prior to the commencement of VCE Dance. This experience might focus on a specific dance style or could involve development of personal movement vocabulary.

All VCE studies are benchmarked against comparable national and international curriuculum.



There are no prerequisites for entry to Units 1, 2 and 3. Students must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4. Units 1 to 4 are designed to a standard equivalent to the final two years of secondary education.


VCE Dance Unit 1


VCE Dance Unit 2


VCE Dance Unit 3


VCE Dance Unit 4

  Course Teacher

Enrolment procedure

All students need to enrol through their home school and also at The Edge Performers School. A confirmation letter will be sent ot the students home school once the enrolment form has been completed. Both schools will be in contact with each other and all marks will be passed on directly to the VCAA. The VCAA is a statuatory body directly responsible to the Minister for Education and Training and serves government and non-government schools.


The minimum requirement for VCE Dance is 3 hours per week which includes the theory class and one practical class. It is recommended that students participate in as many different styles of dance to increase their movement vocabulary, skill development, technique, flexibility and overall dance fitness.


Accepted Students

Theoretical & Practical Session

Practical Skills Class

1 & 2

Yr 10 or Yr 11

Friday 4-5:30pm

One evening skills class of 1.5 hours appropriate to the student's ability level. Monday to Friday classes are available.

3 & 4

Yr 11 or Yr 12

Friday 4-5:30pm

Previous dance experience is necessary. Practical skills classes must only be Jazz, Contemporary or Classical styles of dance. More than one skills class per week is an advantage.

The Edge highly recommends Contemporary for all VCE dance students.

Fee Structure

VCE Dance Units 1 to 4 (Year 10-12)

Per Term

Yearly (up front)*

1 hour VCE Dance theory class, plus
2 practical class of the student's choice

$780 $2650

1 hour VCE Dance theory class plus
UNLIMITED practical classes

$1080 $3650

Text books & DVDs

No set texts or DVD's are required. All relevant information is provided to students during class.

Student enquiries

Please direct all VCE Dance related enquires to Nicole Bunnell:

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