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The mostly widely recognised form of dance, Jazz covers many forms and variations in its style - often dictated by the choice of music which can range from the latest rock songs, a slow ballad or a musical theatre piece.


Students are taught correct skills technique incorporating leaps and turns, expression and performance technique as an integral part of this training. The Edge offers Jazz classes for all ages ranging from 5 to adult.

  Primary Jazz (5-9 years of age)  

Basic isolation movement and basic combinations. Skill development includes: Step-Ball change, basic kicks and leaps, 4 step turn, Plié and Relevé in basic positions. Learn parallel and turned out points, Development of flexibility, balance, coordination and control of basic movement.

  Sub-Junior Jazz (7-11 years of age)  

Previous basic knowledge of movement in isolation and combination. Various types of kicks, basic jumps and leaps, variuos types of turns (basic, single priouette). Further development of strength and control of movement. Increase in flexibility work. Development of Balances (basic leg mounts and relevés). More complex coordination movements. Development of facial expressions and eye focus.

  Junior Jazz (9-12 years of age)  

Previous knowledge of movement. Numerous types of kicks, various jumps and leaps, various types of turns (single-to-double pirouette). Further development of strength and control of movement. Increase in flexibility work. Development of Balances (leg mounts and relevés). More complex combination movements. Focus on stage performance and facial expressions.

  Pre-Intermediate Jazz (12-14 years of age)  
  Intermediate Jazz (14-17 years of age)  
  Advanced Open Jazz (16+ years of age)  

Selection of the appropriate dance class needs to be on assessed on an individual basis. Previous experience and technically ability will determine which class will best suit the needs of the individual dancer. Ages are only a guide. New students to The Edge will need to trial an appropriate aged class first. At the conclusion of the trial class, the teacher will assess the students technically ability and suggest the appropriate class to enrol in.


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